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FEATURE: What the FIFA world ranking tells of Ghana football?

Published on: 08 April 2018

The most awaited event of this year is only a month or so away and the excitement asking all football fans is surely on the rise.

While there are a good many countries trying their hands out in this World Cup, the one notable absence is surely going to be of Ghana.

Ghana needs to channel more investment in setting up a proper infrastructure which could lead to a stable performance by the nation. The fans will be happy to see their dreams come true and can bet on their favorite players on yanga bet.

What it means for Ghana to miss out?

 FIFA Rankings Paint a Gloomy Picture of Ghana Football

Ghana has a long tradition in football which is one of the favorite sports of the nation. The national team of the country is playing from the 1950s and has created quite a few prideful moments in the past. But currently the football scene in Ghana seems to be really deteriorating with so many problems facing its clubs.

The current rankings released by FIFA shows where Ghana belongs in comparison to the international teams. According to the recent rankings released in March, Ghana finds itself in the 54th position and 8th in the whole continent. The ranking matches the position Ghana opened in 2017 in January while the best performance came in March with a ranking of 43.

But in 2018 the fans had their hopes high as Ghana took up the ranking of 50 in January. But instead of improving their performance, the team seems to have gone down the ladder. The condition was not so miserable even in the recent past. Even back in 2005, the nation was raging on the FIFA rankings between 24 and 37. The best performance by Ghana was over a decade back in 2008 when it opened with a position of 43 but then quickly moved to 14 and retained the position for three whole months in that year.

The fans are wondering what happened to lead to such a dismal scene. The nation has a lot of potential talent in the sports as proved by its current ranking of 8th in the continent. But the players are not being able to prove themselves in the international games which are causing the plunge in the rankings.

There are several factors that can be considered. Many of the clubs in Ghana are not financially sufficient and find it difficult to provide proper training and coaching facilities compared to international clubs.

The players also don’t get the required exposure which hampers their development of skills required in high competition FIFA matches. We do hope that things would change soon and Ghana would be back where they belong - among the top football nations of the world.

Sports experts will keep their eye on Ghana’s performance for this year while fans only hope the situation gets better. Only time will tell what the future holds for Ghana’s football!

The Fifa World Cup 2018!

It doesn't matter which team you support, we are sure you would be in for a whole month of fun and excitement like no other. Who do you think would win the championship anyway?


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