Football Doc. Prince Pamboe wants clubs to improve their medical teams

Published on: 1 year ago

Ghana Football Association medical committee member Dr Prince Pambo says clubs in the Ghana Premier League must improve and equip their medical department.

According to him, most of the clubs medical department is very poor.

The experienced medical doctor, a specialist in the cardiovascular related areas, cited numerous factors that has accounted for the defunct medical department at the GHPL clubs led by luck of funds to finance the team.

Citing issues related to lack of preparations, poor player education and lack of enough funds to pay the qualified medical experts at the club level, Prince Pambo tagged the GHPL masseurs as friends and nephews of the club owners.

“Medical condition in Africa is bad and terrible. Here in Ghana we are not prepared (for any eventuality).

“The gentlemen you see carrying the pack of ice are either the nephews of the club owners or friends of the management.

“We are not prepared and it all boils down to poor player education, zero consciousness and poverty”, Prince pambo told FIIFI Banson on the legends show.