Stop banning referees & demote them instead - Rtd Referee Manu

Published on: 1 year ago

Kumasi based retired referee G.K Manu has vehemently kicked against the incessant banning of Ghanaian referees who are supposed to have made mistakes in games they have officiated in the Ghana Premier League.

G.K Manu believes that most of the punishments meted out to the referees are unfair to them because their performances on a match day are not scrutinized wholly but only a single mistake made by the referee.

Speaking on Happy FM’s Anopa Bosuo Sports, G.K Manu proposed that faltering referees should be demoted to lower tiers rather than banning them.

“I find it inappropriate for referees to be banned for mistakes they make in games. We should realise that referees are also humans and hence are fallible. I think that a more appropriate punishment will be demoting such referees to lower tiers so that they can correct their mistakes.” Manu said.

Recent questionable refereeing decisions in the UEFA Champions League have raised debates as to whether our local referees are treated fairly with the sort of punishments meted out to them for single decisions in games.

By;  Isaac Asempah