2018 FIFA World Cup is the best I have ever witnessed – Stephen Appiah

Published on: 12 July 2018

Former skipper of the Black Stars, Stephen Appiah believes the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia is the best ever he has ever witnessed.

The competition has seen many surprises with defending countries leaving the group stages with all five African countries exiting from the group stage.

And Appiah, who qualified the country to its maiden World Cup in Germany says the 2018 Mundial is the best ever since the inception of the tournament in 1930.

“I think so far so good, it’s been very funny, I was telling my friends that this is the best World Cup ever. Football today is not played by names anymore, talent alone is not enough to win games, it’s all about tactical discipline and hard work” Appiah said when he was asked about his impression on the tournament.” Appiah told the Media

“Ten Years ago, Fifteen Years ago, if Argentina were going to play against Iran, you know definitely Argentina were going to win big but look at what countries like Iran and Japan are doing now, so it is not named again, it is about how you will stay focus and play the game”