2019 AFCON: Obstacles waiting for the VAR despite the assertions of its application

Published on: 20 February 2019

African press reports confirmed that the upcoming African Cup of Nations  to be staged in Egypt 2019 will see the use of VAR technology for the first time.

The technology, which appeared in several international leagues and continental competitions, most recently the Asian Cup in the UAE last month, appears to be on its way to African stadiums for the first time in a team competition, having been exceptionally applied in the African Super Cup 2018 and the final of the African Champions League at the end of the same year.

However, it may not be as easy to say about the implementation of this technology. Although Egypt hosts the host country 6-8 stadiums, it is not only about the stadiums and their willingness to apply the technique.

There are other things that may seem more complex in the emergence of this technology, or rather in the success of its application.

Television photography is one of the important issues on which the VAR technology depends. This will force Egypt to use international imaging crews and tools that are too expensive to enforce the application well without leaving any room for controversy about any unclear game.

The purpose of this technique is to show all the details, Ignore them or add more ambiguity to the referee, who seeks to make 

Source: arabic.sport360.com