Accepting 3rd term proposal at Congress will create dictatorship - Dr Nyaho Tamakloe

Published on: 08 February 2023

Former Ghana Football Association [GFA] chairman Chairman, Dr Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe has opposed the proposal to extend the tenure of the FA’s presidency to three terms.

Last week, reports emerged a committee have been put together to ensure it is placed before Congress.

But According to him, such a move will only create dictatorship and make the FA President complacent in his performance.

“I feel that is a wrong way to go because it will create a dictatorship, which will rather worsen the performance of the leader,” the Hearts of Oak board member told Graphic Sports.

Nyaho-Tamakloe also added that the two terms are enough for any GFA President to work with, citing Kwesi Nyantakyi’s controversial tenure as a reason why presidents should not overstay in office.

''One of the reasons why Kwesi Nyantakyi failed was because he allowed the serving of the FA President's term in the Statutes to be unlimited,” he said.

''There are reasons why a timeline is attached to certain positions, that is why presidents are given time to serve.

"That is why in the US when you serve two terms, you don't serve again, and the same applies to our Constitution here in Ghana.

''I'll fight anybody who will say it should be changed from two terms to three terms in our Constitution as far as Ghana is concerned.”

Currently, the GFA presidency has been capped at two terms of four years each.

Meanwhile, elections are expected to held in October.