Alhaji Grusah urged to allow people run King Faisal to salvage club

Published on: 21 June 2021

Former King Faisal goalkeeper Suraj Mohammed has entreated the owner and bankroller of the club to take a step back and allow people who have the financial muscle to run the team in order to save the club.

The Isha Allah boys has been poor in the ongoing Ghana Premier League campaign and currently in the relegation drop.

They sit 16th position with 32 points after 29 matches.

Speaking in an interview, the former goalkeeper blamed financial crisis for the clubs struggle and has therefore pleaded with Alhaji Grusah to take a step back by allowing people who are financially sound to manage the team to turn things around.

“I have realized Alhaji is not financially sound as compared to previous years, so to me, it will be better for him to give the team to someone and rest. If he owes 30% of the team that would be okay”

“During our time, we just played for him, we didn’t get anything and it was his wife who was fed us. I will plead with him if the team escapes relegation, he should take step back”

“Football is now money and if you are not financial stable you can’t do it. Karela United and Great Olympics are doing well because of the support they have now” he added.