Arsenal are already looking for 'another' Thomas Partey

Published on: 08 April 2021

Arsenal would be looking for a new defensive midfielder who offers many more guarantees than Thomas Partey and it seems that they would have set their sights on Christopher Nkunku, current Red Bull Leipzig player.

The French player likes the Gunner team very much and in recent seasons he has become one of the leaders of the German based team and seems ready to take a quality leap in his sports career.

According to SkySports, Arsenal had set their sights on this footballer to improve their midfield for next year. It is true that the Frenchman is not a defensive midfielder like Thomas Partey but he has the physical conditions to occupy this position, in addition, it would give one more plus in attack, where it is decisive and it is the plot that is exploiting the most in Leipzig in the last seasons.

He can play both as a midfielder and in more backward positions as well as on the wing. Christopher Nkunku is a very versatile player and could be the one who will definitely leave Partey on the bench, yes, signing him will not be easy or cheap since he is currently valued at 40 million euros.

Thomas Partey's season at Arsenal is being totally forgotten since he arrived as a star in exchange for 50 million euros, an amount that was marked by Atletico Madrid as their buyout clause.

The Ghanaian has never been the footballer that he was under Diego Simeone's orders and his performance is leaving a lot to be desired, in addition, he has had several physical ailments and injuries that have prevented him from having more regularity on the pitch. All this adds to the fact that he has not adapted very well to life in London or to English football, without a doubt he is one of the great disappointments of the Gunners, much more was expected of him.