Ashgold Signs Betway Talent Search Runner-Up

Published on: 29 June 2018
Ashgold Signs Betway Talent Search Runner-Up
Douglas Amanning

Dreams can become reality when you have the right team in your corner. If you don't believe it, just ask Douglas Amanning. He's the Betway Talent Search runner-up who was recently awarded a 4 year contract to play sports. Amanning is an attacking midfielder who has Betway Ghana to thank for the opportunities that led to his current success as an athlete. The 21 year old from New Abirem competed in the Betway Talent Search and earned a place with the Ghana Premiere League side Ashgold SC. It was a six month trial, but that's all the time that real talent needs to earn a more permanent place in the sport.

Proving his worth

Amanning had six months to showcase his talents and catch the eye of a premiere sporting club. That's exactly what he did. Douglass performed exceptionally during his trial period and the AshGold handlers saw it first hand. They were so impressed with his performance that they offered him a four year contract to play professional football for the Ashanti Gold Sporting Club. This young man is one of many who are realizing their dreams because of programs that give them the chance to show the world what they can do. It's more about opportunity for Douglas and would-be athletes like him. Some real talent is out there, but often, they are overlooked because they lack opportunity to play and develop their skills.

Commitment on both sides

Betway Ghana is committed to the development of sports teams in Ghana and other regions of the world. They realize that their business depends on a thriving sports community in the areas they serve. It's a great relationship that they have with Ghana because the people, communities, athletes and sports clubs all stand to benefit from further sports development. The sports betting industry provides the fuel to keep the machine smoothly running in a win win situation for everyone involved. Interest in Ghanaian football is on the rise for fans as well as for betting enthusiasts.

An effective relationship

Douglas Amanning is just one example of how effective Betway's relationship is with the communities that they serve. There is a trickle down economic benefit, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The tremendous pride that the sports teams generate sets a positive tone for communities that bring people together to enjoy popular sporting events. Betting is a sideline that is becoming more popular. Placing a wager often results in big wins, which are nice incentives, but all wagers go into the pot that either pays out with big wins or funnels some of the proceeds back into the local communities for sports team recruitment and development.

Final thoughts

Betway Ghana is good for the country. In addition to supplying an easy platform for sports betting, it offers a host of other services. Check it out if you're a fan of live betting, Jackpot, casino, live numbers, rewards and bonuses, in addition to online sports betting. It's a full service platform for betting and gaming in Ghana.