Ashgold to start COVID-19 tests on Saturday

Published on: 05 August 2020

Ashgold has started making preparations for their upcoming campaign in Africa. The club will submit a proposal to the GFA and government very soon about starting group training.

Speaking on local radio station Kumasi FM about their plans Dr. Goerge Chidi Ashgold SC Medical Doctor said

"We are done with the pre-competition medical assessment and the COVID-19 test is slated for Saturday and will be in batches of 10,"

"We wrote a proposal to the KCCR and informed them about our intentions and they agreed to help us so it’s free,"

"Players who test positive will be isolated and managed accordingly," he added.

"The players will not be allowed to go back to the society after the test,"

"When we are done we will look at the percentage of players that are negative and write a proposal to the government and GFA for an opportunity to start small groups training," he concluded.