Balotelli and Boateng will be key in the playoffs - Brocchi

Published on: 17 May 2021

The coach oriented to bet strongly on the two axes to win the first leg of the playoff semifinal in Veneto

The claimed shock force of Monza is to be manifested in the next ten days: we are in or out, a slide in the playoffs yes he can also forgive but on the rest Galliani and Brocchi will know how to make the troops responsible. The best answer must be given tomorrow, Monza is not just a container of stickers and good intentions. There is a slogan - B for Brianza - which over time has been comparable to even the most significant interpreters called to pull the group. The Corriere dello Sport writes it.

Factor B also in the case of Balotelli and Boateng, for example: they will both be available, against the Cittadella. Inside that blend explosive with incomplete truths this year. If Monza had to fall back to third place, it means that something has jumped in the gear.

In fact, Brocchi has put his hand to modules and situations. In February there was even the intervention of President Berlusconi who invited the proposal of a revised and corrected Monza. The turning point, with shots of 352, takes into account some fixed points. Like the eight goals of the season by Frattesi, the midfield's moped and already very ready for Serie A. Or the snatches of Mota Carvalho, among the best for continuity in the league. It is clear that when Boateng is in good condition, he knows how to make a difference. The same that Balotelli managed in a continuous examination final for Monza. Super Mario has always brought points with his five goals: part-time employment from the moment of his debut, he has missed half of the matches but perhaps this is also one of the basic factors for Brocchi. Avoid that Monza revolves around a single player. Balo took his share of the credit.

Now Monza are in the order of two consecutive away wins, seven best of all in Serie B since the beginning of December. He presents himself with these numbers tomorrow in Cittadella, in the first step towards a promotion that got out of hand during the regular season. Brocchi gave up half an hour from the end of the last day: although in difficulty, the team kept their hopes alive until the last. And he goes to Veneto where he has always won against Chievo, Venice, Vicenza, and Cittadella in full force, excluding the disqualified Bellusci. It would be his first promotion to Serie A in history: Monza wants to prepare it carefully.