Bitcoin Deposits at Online Slots

Published on: 20 August 2019

Since the inception of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have seen incredible growth in popularity and none more so than Bitcoin itself. When it first hit the market you could buy them for pennies on the pound, this saw Bitcoin's value rise to almost unbelievable heights and it did so for quite a while. During this period, Bitcoins were being snatched up left, right and centre; however this did not last long as the cryptocurrency suddenly started to crash at an alarming rate. Those who bought Bitcoin in its infancy were not affected that badly, but those who chose to buy when it was high were crippled almost overnight.


Since then however, over recent months the currency has seen a steady rise in value, although not as rapid as when it first hit the market, it is showing signs of bouncing back. Over the years more and more establishments are accepting the cryptocurrency, this includes online casinos like StarSlots who have seen the value and have jumped on the bandwagon.


Benefits of Using Bitcoin for slots

Ever since 2011 more and more casinos are accepting Bitcoin, although this is not the only digital cryptocurrency supported it is probably the most well known. The reason for the acceptance of cryptocurrency is simple, deposits will reflect immediately which is an awesome time saver when you take into account the fact that deposits via normal methods often take longer. The next reason is due to the use of the fiat currencies affording those who use it almost complete anonymity, therefore increasing safety and security when frequenting online casinos.


How to Make an Online Slot GameDeposit

Firstly you will need to have a Bitcoin wallet, this is a virtual bank account where you will keep your coins and can be setup on the Bitcoin site. Users are able to choose between two options, either a web-based wallet or a desktop wallet. Most casinos suggest using the web-based wallet for ease of transactions, however, using the desktop wallet will afford greater security but you will need to download software initially. What makes Bitcoin so good when using it at online casinos is due to the fact contrary to other e-wallets, Bitcoin does not require that players enter any personal or confidential details.


  • Step 1 is to load Bitcoin into your wallet.


  • Step 2 requires that you convert your bitcoins into whichever currency you wish to use, depending on where you are in the world, obviously.


Make sure you have signed up with an online casino that offers the use of Bitcoin; there are numerous sites online that will provide you with a list of these casinos. You will be required to insert an address of your wallet which is usually between 27 and 38 characters. All you have to do is click send money to the casino you have chosen.


One of the greatest perks of using Bitcoin is definitely the fact that there are usually no fees involved, whether depositing or withdrawing and as mentioned earlier there are no waiting times, the amounts will reflect immediately, therefore saving you time and saving you money. Truly a win-win situation for any player.