Blame Togbe Afede for Hearts of Oak woes - Ex-Hearts defender Dan Quaye

Published on: 20 May 2020

Former Hearts of Oak defender Dan Quaye says supporters should blame Togbe Afede for the club’s recent struggle since floating shares in 2011.

The Phobians prior to the shares floatation had won six league titles as well as three continental titles.

But the club has failed to win a major silverware over a decade and according to Dan Quaye Togbe Afede XIV who happens to be the highest shareholder of the club has hijacked the club making it difficult for people to share their opinion at the club.

"It’s because, the kind of people who are running the club. Hearts of Oak doesn’t belong to Togbe. The club belongs to supporters but now it’s him who has hijacked the club," he told

"So I think the shares they floated did not help Hearts of Oak, because I feel that when we won the Champions League and everything we won we did it with hunger. So I feel the shares they floated is very wrong.

"Why is Kotoko not floating shares, that’s why Hearts of Oak and [Great] Olympics are suffering, Olympics are also suffering partly because of the shares they floated."

The former Olympics right-back added, "Is he not the majority shareholder of the club, he is the bankroller of the club, and the mistake he is making is that he has no regard for the old management and the players who won glories for the club too they don’t want us to come near the club so how can the team progress?"

"When you go to Europe, Chelsea, Manchester [United] and the rest the senior players are able to share their opinion on the running of the club but at Hearts of Oak, it’s like when you go there you are like Satan for them."