Bolga All Stars produce branded nose masks

Published on: 04 July 2020

Ghana's Division Two side Bolga All Stars FC has produced face mask to the sporting fraternity.

The former Premier League side on Friday produced over thousand branded nose mask to their players, management and staffs.

Paul Quay, a Ghanaian manufacturer and kits producers for the Bolgatanga based outfit produced nose masks to their collections of merchandise for the All Stars family to fight the spread of pandemic Corona Virus.

With the Corona Virus outbreak, the Government of Ghana have asked it's citizens to protect themselves from the deadly virus. Advising individuals to wash their hands frequently with alcohol based sanitizer and protect the face with mask.

With fear of spreading the virus, the Ghana Football Association has cancelled the 2019/20 League season.

The nose masks which has a brand of the All Stars phenomenal colors (white, Black and Green) has met the standard of the Food and Drugs Authority.

Over thousand five hundred nose masks have been produced to the market and are available in Bolgatanga- Bolga All Stars Secretariat, Accra and Kumasi.

Individuals can have theirs free of charge either a member of the All Stars families or otherwise.

Story Kolog Bonaventure