Borussia Dortmund CEO Rules Out Re-Signing Former Midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Published on: 16 October 2016

Borussia Dortmund CEOHans-Joachim Watzke has ruled out any potential attempt to bring back former midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Manchester United.

After Nuri Sahin, Mario Gotze and Shinji Kagawa all returned to the club afterhigh profile moves away, there have been rumours of Mkhitaryan doing the same.But when asked byKickerif there would be any possibility of the Armenian following suit, Watzke simply replied: "No."

He added: "Any intelligent player should consider in advance what kind of environment they are moving to. When you are playing in surroundings where things are working for you, like in Dortmund, then it is quite strange to give that away again once things have finally started to work out for you after a long time settling in."

Watzke also defended the actions of Mkhitaryan's notoriousagent Mino Raiola, who was said to have persuaded the player to leave Dortmund. The club were surprised that he opted to move, with a new contract expected to be agreed before Manchester United showed interest.

"In Mkhitaryan's case it was the player's decision. Raiola is intelligent, and he's a brute," he added.

"He has a certain business model, but we knew that already when we sat down because of Mkhitaryan. You know what you have with him. Raiola acted correctly."

The club CEO believes the Bundesliga still has certain things in its favour that, despite the money involved in England's top division, the Premier League cannot offer.

He said:"The more money you have the less creative you become.We've got a way better atmosphere inside our stadiums, significantly cheaper ticket prices and the national team is better a thousand times."