Brand yourselves proper to attract sponsors – GFA tells clubs

Published on: 12 February 2018

The Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Darra has called on clubs in the elite division and the Division One League to brand themselves well if they want to attract enough sponsors.

Clubs in the elite division and in the Division One League finds it difficult to attract sponsors due to their inconsistency.

But the former BBC worker says it is the responsibility of the clubs to seek sponsorships and not the Ghana Football Association and they will only secure sponsorships if they brand themselves better.

“It is the responsibility of the clubs to get themselves, sponsors. If you put your house in order, somebody will be appreciative of you and come in to sponsor you but if you don’t put your house in order and you turn around and blame the Ghana Football Association that you don’t have sponsors, it doesn’t sound well.” He told Class Sports on Monday.

“These clubs delay the league, put impediment and prevent the sponsors from exercising their right that the clubs will benefit and you expect the GFA to go and seek for sponsorship? It doesn’t work that way because we are moving forward.”