Published on: 14 February 2020

Cagliari Calcio has announced that three disqualification measures have been issued, aimed at as many people who have been recognized and reported for having addressed racist discriminatory and offensive words to opposing players during the matches played at Sardegna Arena over the past few months.

Identification of the three people, holders of occasional tickets in stadium areas Distinti and Tribuna, was possible thanks to the coordinated action of stewards and staff responsible for the internal security of the Club.

In compliance with the stadium rules and regulations in force, but above all aiming to protect Cagliari Calcio’s fans, the city of Cagliari and all of Sardinia, which in terms of hospitality and respect certainly do not need to take any lesson: three bans have been imposed that will prevent the ones who are guilty of these deplorable actions from entering Sardegna Arena, for any event, for life.

High attention and full commitment to prevent anyone from compromising the shared values of the Club and its fans is and will always be Cagliari's priority.

(Photo Getty Images)