Published on: 12 November 2021

Cagliari Calcio publishes the 2020-2021 Sustainability Report, a document to strengthen the social commitment and the sustainability path of the Club.

In the name of its founding values ​​such as respect, tolerance and inclusion, which inspired the ethical manifesto "Be As One" as a true statement of intent and company philosophy at every level, Cagliari Calcio therefore develops a project that strengthens those of the past years, and joins the Sustainable Developments Goals and the themes of Agenda 2030.

The Report follows a period in which everyone had to face new challenges, but the commitment to the territory and the community has never failed, always relying on the enormous strength of sport as a vehicle of values ​​and an impulse for the initiatives promoted. Perseverance heralds further recognition: in fact Cagliari is the second Club in Italy in the special ranking relating to "brand reputation", according to the analysis of Zwan - a company specializing in corporate reputation - carried out through the Reputation Rating algorithm.

The Sustainability Report sets out key concepts inherent in the daily activity of the Club - aimed at people and the environment in which we live - as well as deepening the company structure, targets and management systems. The core is the broad and detailed focus on "Be As One". "Being one" means working together towards a common goal, following a vision of football that combines the beauty of the game and sport with the concepts of sustainability in its broadest and most integral sense. "Love As One", against any barrier and discrimination against any category; "Think As One", in order to think of a society and an increasingly inclusive world; "Move As One", for the attention to sustainability issues in a broad sense.

Main principles for developing multiple initiatives over the years: among others, the unicum in Italian football constituted by taking a strong position on the "International day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia", with the rainbow to embellish the Rossoblù jerseys and the places of the Club, as well as the fundamental meetings dedicated to the youth of the Academy with psychologists and educators of the Club. And again: the two “Casteddu4Special” teams registered in the federal Paralympic football championships; the Scuola di Tifo and the Curva Futura, the first sector of an Italian stadium entirely reserved to children; the partnership with Legambiente to clean up city areas and raise awareness of respect for the environment; sustainable mobility projects to promote together with commercial and institutional partners an alternative way to reach the stadium, from public transport to bicycles, and an area for bike parking.

A real manifesto for the future that will involve all areas of the Club, as happened in the drafting of the Sustainability Report 2020-2021, an expression of the clear desire to look on the inside for having the chance to observe everything that surrounds it, with a sight projected on the future.

The document was drawn up with the collaboration of BPSEC, a group of companies specialized in advanced and integrated services for the environment and safety, dedicated to the public and private sector.

(Photo LaPresse)