Can We See Messi in Barcelona Again? - Rumors About Coming Back

Published on: 09 February 2023

The world and football fans especially were devastated when Lionel Messi left FC Barcelona. This was very unexpected bad news and changed football history forever. No one would imagine that this legendary football player called GOAT would leave the club. As it was revealed later, it was not Messi’s decision, and the club management was forced to make this decision.

Rumors about leaving Barca were very popular for years. But none of that time it was real. Unfortunately after years of partnership, several days before the new League, the club announced that Messi would not be in their team anymore. The real reason for this sad decision still is not known clearly. Football fans blame the club and its management while Barcelona blames La Liga. The main thing we know is that it was not Messi’s decision to leave the club. He was okay with every condition to maintain the team. After he became an independent agent, he even suggested the club play with a 50% reduced salary. Unfortunately, the club did not agree with the offer. This is how Messis’ amazing history in Barcelona ended in 2021.

It is 2023 and people have quite valid opinions that next summer Messi still will play in his favorite club. This is what we will talk about today. We will discuss Messi’s career after Barcelona and also introduce some core reasons why the football world expects to see Leo Messi at Camp Nou again.

Messi’s Career After FC Barcelona and FCB After Messi

No matter if you are a football fan or not, you know that Messi was always associated with Barcelona as well as for this club the main legend was always Messi. This is why every game of FCB was outstanding. Today Barcelona has a completely new team with new players and stars. After ex-player Xavi Hernandez became the main coach of the team, the club has been quite successful in different championships.

Recently they won the Spanish La Liga against Real Madrid. Even though the team tries to be strong again, betting odds are quite decreased for their winning which means that trust in them is significantly reduced among football fans. This is not good news as their ranking is quite lower than it was before 2021. For example during El Clasico matches the availability of winning was mostly for the royal club as people believed that FCB would lose the game. After the results, many of the bettors lost their money.

Lionel Messi had the same struggles and challenges after he was forced to start a new chapter of his career. Different from the club, the trust level in Messi never was reduced. People actively were placing bets on his goals and winnings during PSG matches as well as FIFA World Cup 2022 games. On most of the sportsbook websites, this player is one of the most demanded bets. If you are interested in it we would like to recommend to visit Coinplay website and place bets on Messi's winnings. In this sportsbook, you will see how Messi determines positive bets for his current club as well as how trusted was he when there were FIFA World Cup games.

Now, let’s get back to Messi’s career in Paris Saint-Germain. Similar to leaving FC Barcelona, joining Paris Saint-Germain was very unexpected news. It happened quickly, without long period agreements and deadlines. As popular sources published the main figure was Neymar JR, a good friend of Leo Messi and a player of PSG, who suggested Messi join the French club. Soon after the leaving footballer joined PSG as a free agent and had a great season.

According to the first season results, the footballer had four goals and seven assists during nine games. It is a good result but not surprising from Lionel Messi. During 20 matches he has 14 great assists. After starting FIFA World Cup 2022 Messi still has to play the first games in 2023 and football fans expect more from the world champion.

Can We See Messi in FC Barcelona Again?

Before FIFA 2022 would finish, there was official information that Lionel Messi had agreed to stay in the french club for more than two years. But a few days ago it is official that Messi is probably not going to continue his current contract with the club. Many football fans considered it as a chance of coming back to FCB.

On the other hand, the main management team of Barca has changed. In the previous interviews, Xavi Ernanzed claimed that he would be happy if Messi could come back and he would do anything for that. As both of these legendary footballers have great friendships and everybody knows the meaning of FCB for Messi, the information about denying contract renewal increased the chance that this is all because of Barcelona.

It is not yet known what Messi will decide. But at least rumors about coming back to FC Barcelona became more and more realistic.