Coach Johan Pasoja reveals Dreams FC challenge in Special Competition

Published on: 09 April 2019


Head coach of Dreams FC, Johan Pasoja has disclosed his outfit challenge on the field of play in each game thus far as in the Normalization committee special competition.

According to him, his players’ attitude at goal is what has termed as a challenge to the team. At the final third, for a player to sacrifice for another has become a nightmare for the team.

"The challenge is that we are in too much hurry when we have the ball in the final third and we try to do it by ourselves", he said.

“Everybody is thinking of scoring instead of getting a pass to a player in a better position to score".

On his personal team ratings, the coach indicated, "I think our last game we lost two points, We should have six points at least now but the games are how they are. Sometimes you play a draw, sometimes you win the game".

“However, we will train massive ahead of each game in the special cup. We are preparing the same as we did this game. We know Tema it’s going to be artificial turf. I think it’s better for us"

"We have young players, we have players with quick feet and quick legs. We have played a lot on artificial turf and we have good results. I am pretty sure we will get a good result", he added.

Dreams FC currently are placed 5th of Group B table with 4 points in three matches played in the special cup.

The Dawu side has scored just two goals in their campaign.