Court orders the liquidation of Ghana Premier League side Ebusua Dwarfs

Published on: 18 July 2019

A court in Cape Coast has ordered the liquidation of one of the country’s oldest football clubs Ebusua Dwarfs over a 20-year debt to a lower division club in Ghana.

A High Court has approved a motion for the Mysterious Club to be handed over to liquidators to settle a long-standing debt to lower division side Great Liverpool FC.

Great Liverpool dragged Dwarfs to court over the club’s failure to settle the long-standing transfer fee of their player Patrick Villars to the club 20-years ago.

The lower division side transferred the former Ghana international Dwarfs in 1999 but the dispute over the transfer with involvement of a third-party club stalled payment.

Great Liverpool FC coach and owner Philip Vincent Cann dragged Dwarfs to court after they refused to him his entitlement after the transfer.

The ownership of the player has become a bone of contention for years leading to the decision of the plaintiff to head to court.

Vincent Cann, who owns the economic right of the player, is reported to have been side-stepped in the business transaction.

The court has ordered the liquidator to wind up the Ebusua Dwarfs and settle the indebtedness to the lower division side.

The ruling of the court has sparked anxiety among their fans in Cape Coast.

Patrick Villars joined Ebusua Dwarfs in 1999 and spent three seasons at the club.