Danger looms as Dreams FC declare they will not participate in the reopening of their case against Tema Youth

Published on: 27 October 2016

The Court of Arbitration for Sport, ordered the Ghana Football Association to reconstitute its Appeals Committee to sit on the case regarding Tema Youth and Dreams FC.

#Tema Youth filed a protest against Dreams FC in respect of the registration of Daniel Gozar as Cudjoe Mensah, arguing the same player registered with two clubs with two different names.

In the initial ruling, Dreams were not found guilty by the various adjudication bodies of the FA.

The GFA in accordance with CAS ruling has reconstituted the Appeals committee to begin the process again.

But Dreams FC have stated strongly they will not be part of the sittings.

''I don’t understand how come Dreams FC is being invited into this matter again way after the time for doing so had elapsed,'' Shardow told reporters on Wednesday.

''The case has been Tema Youth vrs Dreams FC right from the Disciplinary Committee level to Review but then when it got to CAS, the case turned into Tema Youth vrs Ghana Football Association.

''The law is very clear on the procedures for appeal. An aggrieved party after a case is heard at the Review level has 21 days to appeal against a verdict at CAS.

''The Review verdict of the case; Tema Youth vrs Dreams FC was not appealed against at CAS within this 21-day period.

''You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you after this period, the case dies a natural death otherwise we will be giving people the opportunity to resurrect cases done one, two, three, ten and even twenty years ago.

''We have written to the GFA to notify them of this and as law-abiding citizens, we will not take part in any form of illegality.

''Any attempt therefore to resurrect this case now of all times will obviously be met with a staunch legal challenge.

''If Tema Youth has a case against the Ghana Football Association, I will urge them to focus their energies there and not with Dreams FC. There is no case as such.''

This could disrupt the start of the new Premier League season billed to start on December 18.