Different Online Slots Bonus Offers

Published on: 24 October 2019

Out of all casino games, slots are by far the easiest to play. There’s no need for players to worry about complex strategies or guessing the moves of other players. In fact the only thing that players should focus on is pressing the button and getting the reels to spin.  Winning combinations on paylines reward players with cash prizes and keeps punters coming back for more. As slots have evolved over time, so have the rewards available. Both developers and online casinos now include various types of different slot bonus offers that not only make slots all the more exciting but also make them some of most addictive casino games available - learn more here. So here is our list of the different online slot bonus offers available and why you should aim to get them:


New Player Slot Bonus

With millions of online casino websites providing endless slot games to choose from, it can be overwhelming for players in deciding which one to give a spin. So many different themes, different matrix styles and formats mean there’s more choice than ever before. Casinos have to do something to grab your attention and that’s where this bonus comes in.  New player bonus is a common form of reward that is offered to any new member of a casino website. So for example, a casino might offer a player who signs up free spins, free credit or some form of incentive. Some websites can offer up to 20 pounds worth of free spins just for creating a new account.  If players choose to sign up to multiple websites they can then take advantage of having several new player bonus rewards and essential play slots for free!

Free Online Daily Spins

The rewards don’t just stop at new players either! Some websites offer even more bonuses for players who continuously come back and show loyalty to an online casino. These often take the form of free daily spins. Every day a player may be given up to 10 free spins to use on their favourite online slot game so they can try their luck without paying a penny. Even better are the websites that reward players for consecutive visits. This means that the amount of free spins that a player is rewarded with increases every consecutive day they visit. Overtime players can build their bankroll by playing entirely for free!


Payment Method Bonus

Want a bonus that you can achieve by putting in practically zero effort? Of course you do. Some casinos websites offer bonus rewards for players who top up their account with a specific pay method, usually a form of E wallet. Now this way is of benefit to you as E wallet methods are one of the most safest and secure ways of online deposit methods. It’s also normally a much quicker way of topping up as transactions go through almost immediately. For doing players are then rewarded with incentives like free spins or additional credit. It truly is a win – win situation.