Dissolve the Black Stars and use next three years to build a trong team - Wilson Agbesi

Published on: 19 January 2022

The Ghana Football Association ( GFA ) has been advised to dissolve the current Black Stars Team and use the next three years to build a solid Team for the country.

In an interview with Akakpo Agodji of Ashh FM right after the Ghana and Comoros last group match of the ongoing AFCON 2021 which Comoros won by 3: 2 denying the black stars proceeding to the next stage of the tournament, the Secretary-General of the Ghana Wheelchair Basketball Federation (GWBF), Wilson Yao Agbesi expressed his disappointment about the Stars loss.

The outspoken Secretary-General indicated that he still can't believe the performance of the stars in this particular AFCON.

"This is a team that has been given the needed support to enable them to win the Cup for the Country, this is a team that has presented $25 million budget to the powers that be, and quickly the funds have been raised for them to enable them to prepare well and also put up a good performance to bring the nation the Cup after 40 years that the Country had not won the AFCON, but you can all agree with me that the Stars performance was nothing to write home about, I think a lot of factors have contributed to the stars performance at the tournament and there is no need for a lengthy national debate on this but the best option for the GFA now is to dissolve the team and use next three years to build a solid team for the nation," he shared.

Wilson further stated that The Black Stars are been treated as Daddy as compared to other sporting disciplines in the country.

"Honestly we have a lot of sporting disciplines in the country but when you take a critical look at the trend you would see that the Black Stars are been treated like Daddy Bea's as compared to other sporting disciplines, why am I saying this?

"It is only the Black Stars who do not have a problem with their budget to the powers that be but other disciplines whose budget is far lower than that of the Black Stars always face the no money problem and on the other hand it is even those sports that bring glory to the country in recent times as much as cups and medals are concerned, eg, Para Sports, Boxing, and amputee football just to mention few, later part of last year The Ghana National Amputee Football Team won the African Cup at Tanzania, and the amazing part is they won every single match till final and brought such glory to the Country. The Amputees went through a lot of difficulties before going into the tournament but really sweat for the country so one will expect the Stars with all the support to put up a good show but is rather unfortunate things turn this way," he said.

He concluded by calling on Ghanaians to take it easy on the team by not attacking them with words and insults that will bring their morale down but rather joining the campaign by calling on the GFA to dissolve the team and use the next three years to build a solid team.


Story By: Akakpo Agodji