The door is shut, J E Sarpong tells Kevin Prince Boateng

Published on: 02 November 2016

Veteran coach JE Sarpong says Kevin Prince Boateng should not think of coming back to the national team because there will be no place for him. Boateng in a recent interview stated that he is open to a return to the Ghana team because he cannot say no to playing in a third World Cup.

Lots of reactions have come in following Kevin Prince Boateng's interview, some are of the view he should be called back into the team if he finally apologises whiles others believe he will be a bad influence on the team.

JE Sarpong is part of those who think Kevin should be overlooked.

'Kevin Prince Boateng stay where he is and play his football because Ghanaians do not condone indiscipline in the society,' he told Joy FM

'We don't want to revisit indiscipline in the camp, i think he is a good player but you can be a good player and if you don't have character the society doesn't like to accommodate such things.

'There is no need for him to be invited to the Black Stars, for now the door is shut completely.'