Dr. Kofi Amoah outlines expenditure of special competition money

Published on: 26 March 2019




Dr. Kofi Amoah, Chairman of Ghana FA Normalization Committee has outlined catchment areas where the monies involved in the special cup is set to finance.

Speaking at the launching of the Normalization Committee special competition at the forecourt of the GFA Secretariat, he stated that, the $1.2 million offered by the Government of Ghana for the competition will be used to finance seven key areas.

The Government gave $800,000 as a sponsorship package and also the Ministry of Youth and Sports gave $400,000 totally $1.2 million.

The Normalisation Committee will have some of the money to support a competition for women’s football which is already ongoing as well as help run other football activities since money from FIFA for the GOAL Project had been suspended because there was no substantive FA management in place.

The competition which is set to kickoff on March, 30 will have all 16 premiership clubs and 48 division one outfit participating.

According to the Normalization Committee Boss, the areas where the money for the special competition will cover are as follows:

Officials per match

Match balls for all match centers

Match Coordinators

Media Coordinators

Media Coverage of matches by GFA camera-men

Safety and security

Administrative expenses for committees allowance tms training to the clubs