Dwarfs through their Lawyer writes to GFA about the inclusion of Ashantigold and Inter Allies in the football season

Published on: 29 October 2021

Ebusua Dwarfs through their Lawyer Solomon Faakye Esq has written to Ghana Football Association (GFA) expressing their displeasure about the inclusion of Ashantigold SC and Inter Allies in the 2021-22 football season.

Ashantigold SC and Inter Allies are currently under investigation for their role in the match manipulation scandal that hit the 2020-21 Ghana Premier League.

Ashantigold SC and Inter Allies FC have both been charged by the GFA Prosecutor on counts of misconduct for match manipulation in their 2020/21 Ghana Premier League Week 34 match played at the Obuasi Len Clay Stadium on July 17, 2021.

Inter Allies FC have also been charged on two counts of misconduct for breaching Article 34(5)(a) and Article 34(6)(d) of the GFA Premier League Regulations, 2019.

Below is the official letter from Ebusua Dwarfs and their Lawyer:


Our ref: SF/GFA/01 Your ref:


Dear Sir, UNLAWFUL INCLUSION OF ASHANTI GOLD AND INTER ALLIES IN PREMIER LEAGUE I act as counsel for Dwarfs FC on whose instructions I write. We have noticed that you intend to commence the 2021/2022 football season when issues on the 2020/2021 GFA league have NOT been dealt with especially an allegation of match fixing made against Ashanti Gold FC and Inter Allies Football Club which is being prosecuted by the GFA at its Disciplinary Committee . According to Article 34(5)(a) of the GFA - Premier League Regulations 2019, (a) Any GFA or club official, or club, or player or participant of a match who instigates, commands, counsels, solicits, procures, or in any manner purposely aids, facilitates, encourages or promotes the playing of a fixed match or a match of convenience involving his club, or involving other clubs, the result of which may in one way or the other, affect his club, commits a grievous offence and the offender shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for appropriate sanctions. (d) Whenever the GFA or its Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that a fixed match or match of convenience has taken place between two clubs, the Committee shall in addition to any other sanctions provided under these Regulations, impose any of or a combination of any of the following sanctions on any club, official, member or player involved in the arrangement, preparation and/or playing of the fixed match, or match of convenience: (i) A ban, either indefinitely or for a specific period. (ii) A fine to be determined by the Disciplinary Committee We believe strongly that the league should not commence with this issue still pending however as a face saving gesture we urge you to ensure that neither ASHANTI GOLD nor INTER ALLIES participate in either the Premier nor Division One League until your promised verdict comes out. Please do not give us the chance to attack your INTEGRITY, TRUTHFULNESS and REPUTATION among others. Please respect your own rules, regulations, Laws etc and simply call off all matches involving ASHANTI GOLD FC and INTER ALLIES FC.

Yours faithfully,

Solomon Faakye, Esq.