'Eight years are enough to make an impact as GFA president' - Kojo Yankah

Published on: 09 June 2023

Presidential aspirant for the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kojo Yankah, has made a bold statement, asserting that eight years is a sufficient duration to make a substantial impact as the GFA president.

Yankah's comments come in response to the proposal put forward by the GFA Statutes Review Committee, which suggests extending the GFA presidency term from two to three terms, with each term spanning four years. However, Yankah firmly opposes this proposition, deeming it unnecessary.

During a recent interview on Citi FM, Yankah expressed his reservations about the decision made by the Review Committee. He raised questions about the intentions behind the proposed extension.

"I think eight years is enough for any individual who wants to be the President of the Football Association to make an impact, that is to bring the Association to a level where everyone will be happy.

"We don’t need three terms, we don’t need it, I don’t support that."