Emmanuel Nettey continues a rich Hearts of Oak tradition- Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe writes

Published on: 07 February 2020

Isn't it intriguing the way the Nettey name is entrenched in Phobian folklore?

The Founding fathers of the club were led by a Nettey

The spiritual home of the club has been served by the Netteys since time immemorial

We won our first Africa Clubs Championship under the captainship of a Nettey

Arguably our standout performer in this year's Premier League is also surnamed, Nettey....

And whilst I am not certain of his relationship with the Nettey line, the fact remains that he is Emmanuel NETTEY

The news of Hearts of Oak's nimble-footed mercurial latest midfield dynamo, Emmanuel Nettey's donation to a dedicated Phobian living with disability has spread like wildfire!! I got emotional watching videos and pictures of the donation.

Yes, there have been donations of various forms by Sportsmen and women in the past, so one might wonder what's the big deal? For me, the essence of the donation is what is striking!! That the story of this dedicated Phobian living with disability and yet faithfully attending Hearts of Oak matches was told to Emmanuel Nettey and he promptly reacts by making such a symbolic donation to the gentleman!!

And coupling the gesture with the instant impact that Emmanuel Nettey has had on the fortunes of Hearts of Oak could very well become the foundation of the ascension of Emmanuel Nettey to cult status in Hearts of Oak!!

I see Emmanuel's contribution, so far, to the Oak Tree as a continuation of a rich tradition of service to the club.

I pray that his head shall not be turned by the praise of the vociferous Phobian fraternity and that he remains firmly focused on doing all he can to work with his colleagues to annex the league title this year!!! What a wonderful story that would be!!

And so I pray.

Almighty Father, bless Emmanuel Nettey!! Bless the entire playing body and technical team of Hearts of Oak!! Bless the leadership of our g