English Football Is the Real Loser in the Daily Telegraph's Hunt for Clicks

Published on: 28 September 2016

If you've checked your Twitter and Facebook feeds, or less likely, opened a paper over the last few days, you will have been bombarded by news about the corruption scandal in football that has rocked England.

Sam Allardyce, England boss for just 67 days, was forced to resign after an undercover sting operation carried out by the Daily Telegraph caught some very incriminating statements on camera - bribes, insults, arrogance and Big Samgenerally acting like Billy Big Balls.

The FA can confirm that Sam Allardyce has left his position as @England manager. Full statement: https://t.co/oFu7dMn8CH

You can read more about thathere.

It later emerged that the Telegraph had even more footage to destroy the careers of eight other current or former Premier League managers, as well as agents, assistants and probably some cronies to boot(more on that here).

Now I'm not going to argue that what these people did or said is justifiable, because it's not. But let's take a step back and look at how this story came to be and how it's being pushed.

Undercover journalists, posi as businessmen representing interests in the Far East, were essentially able to trick a number of prominent figures in English football to give incriminating evidence of their own bribe taking and of the wider corruption, thus destroying their careers, their names and probably sending the sportback about 10 years.

Not only this, but they didn't even release the story as a full expose, but in drips and drabs to make sure that we keep coming back to see someone else get thrown under the bus.

Why? Why did they do this? Were the journalists at the Daily Telegraph so appalled at the moral degradation before them that they felt they just had to act? That the ends justify the means?

Unfortunately, no. This was not a crusade for justice in English football, but a cheap and dirty tactic to generate some clicks for what has become an increasingly irrelevant publication.

The media industry is an unforgiving one and if people aren't reading what you write, then you've no reason to exist. Everybody in the game needs clicks. This article needs clicks. But there is a big difference between promoting content to entertain and promoting content to destroy.

Sam Allardyce is an idiot. Those agents are greedy bast*rds. Football is not free of corruption. But the Daily Telegraph just hung the English national team out to dry for nothing more than 15 minutes of fame. Whatever happened to not hangingyour dirty laundry outsidefor everyone to see?

FA chief felt sorry Sam Allardyce lost England job of a lifetime https://t.co/QqtdMmshc7

In two weeks, who will remember the 'heroes' of the Daily Telegraph that brought us this story?No one. In two weeks, how many people will be reading the Daily Telegraph? No idea, but probably a lot less people than today.

Full disclosure, I'm not even English, but a proud Scot and even I'm appalled at this. Why? Because there was no honour in it and it's bad for football.

I can't tell you that 90min didn't cover this story, because we did. I can't tell you that all those implicated weren't wrong, because they are. I can't tell you that this whole scandal will change anything, because it won't.

What I can tell you, however, is that after the dust settles and all the casualties are accounted for, the people responsible should take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if it was worth it.