Ex-Ghana coach Avram Grant recalls 2007/08 season at Chelsea

Published on: 22 May 2020

Former Ghana coach Avram Grant recalls the 2007/08 with ‘pride’ despite John Terry's Champions League final penalty miss for Chelsea.

The Blues legend John Terry slipped for arguably the most famous and costly miss in their history, against Man Utd in the 2008 Uefa Champions League final as the Red Devils went on to seal shootout glory.

Avram Grant believes the transformation Chelsea achieved under him made his spell a success, despite finishing up potless.

"Reading my notes back made me proud of everything. You see only the result and the result was clear," he told the Sun.

"But I consider more what brought us there. The training, the mentality, everything. No doubt, it was a great season.

"I once gave a lecture at Harvard University and one of the professors asked me, ‘Do you still remember John Terry’s penalty?’

“I said, ‘I’ll give you the same answer I give journalists. I forgot about it a long time ago, but you always remind me’.”

"In a good way, Jose likes to be the centre of everything, the star.

"My approach is I am the director of a movie — the stars are the players.

"When I was hugging John I said, ‘I’ll never forget our first chat and how you helped the team get out of a bad situation. You can be proud’.

"We were really unlucky, we deserved to win. But nobody gets trophies because of ‘deserve’. If Lampard scored when he hit the bar in extra time, it would have been one of the most beautiful team goals in a final. But this is history, huh?"