FA to Investigate Jose Mourinho's Comments Regarding Referee Anthony Taylor

Published on: 15 October 2016

The Football Association has reportedly begunlooking into comments made by Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho regarding referee Anthony Taylor.

The Portuguese coach questioned the decision to put Taylor, who lives just six miles away from Old Trafford and is reportedly an Altrincham (Greater Manchester) fan, in charge of United's crucial showdown against Liverpool at Anfield on Monday night.

Speaking to the media ahead of the game, Mourinho admitted it will be difficult, he feels, for Taylor to perform adequately considering the outcry made by Liverpool supporters since he was confirmed as the official last week.

FA looking into comments Jose Mourinho has made about referee Anthony Taylor before tomorrow game between Liverpool and Manchester United

Mourinho said:"I have my view, but I learned a lesson by being so many times punished by some words, so I don't want to say anything about it.

"I think Mr Taylor is a very good referee, but I think somebody with intention is putting such a pressure on him that I feel it will be difficult for him to have a very good performance."

Mourinho also said he felt United's clean disciplinary record should ease some of the pressure on Taylor.

Jose Mourinho says there is a lot of pressure on referee Anthony Taylor on Monday https://t.co/po1xad42Tw pic.twitter.com/chxIjvoKQV

"Our disciplinary record is really, really good. We don't have problems at all at this level," he added.

"We are a team that plays with discipline, that is following everything that was told to us in the meetings that we had with the representatives of the Premier League and the referees.

"We don't press referees, we behave on the touchline so that's a point that we are very comfortable with."

Mourinho landed himself in trouble last season when then-Chelsea manager claimed referees were frightened out of awarding his side penalties, resulting in a fine and a one-match stadium ban.