FEATURE: American view on Ghana Premier league

Published on: 01 August 2016

The 30 matches in the Premier League are coming to a close. Looking at the Premier League Table the running for first looks to be close, but there are still a couple major games to be played. Hearts of Oak being my personal favorite are currently holding the spot for first, but I predict Aduana Stars, who are in a close second, will snatch the title by the end of the 30 matches.

After the upsetting draw between the two teams it will be a close call for the title. I think Aduana Stars will put up strict wins for the rest of the matches.

I think Wa All Stars will stay at third because according to the table, they have let up the least amount of goals; they have 14 goals against and 21 goals for, while Hearts of Oak has 15 goals against and 23 goals for. They are a tough team, but with a recent loss to Hearts of Oak I think they will not be moving up.

I venture Hearts of Oak will drop to second. They are a high scoring team, but their downfall is that they also give up a lot of points. They have also won 10 matches but only lost three matches; the least amount of losses in the top four teams. Hearts of Oak have a high of nine draws; from the looks of this table, this team gets stuck in draws.

Since we are only looking at the current top four teams, in fourth place is Dreams F.C., a strong fighting team with 10 wins and seven losses. They have given up a lot of points this season at 23, which is hurting their chances in my eyes to move up in the rankings, even though they just passed Asante Kotoko. They will put pressure on the three teams ahead of them, but I do not think they will move up unless there is a blowout game in their near future. They have all the assets they need to move up, it is just a matter of getting those assets in line and utilizing them to the best of their abilities.

Stepping back, I have learned an astounding amount about football, Ghana and myself in my short five weeks I have been studying here. The ideologies Ghanaians have about football transfer over to day-to-day life. For example, one being that passion is the most vital quality in football (and life). Without passion, you get lost in the politics, drama and underfunding that holds football back. With passion players and coaches believe anything is possible. Pushing them to move forward with the game.

The second thing is that football is everywhere, you cannot go anywhere in Ghana without hearing something about the sport or seeing school kids passing the black and white, torn up, beloved ball around. Football beats heavily throughout the streets of Accra; it is the pulse that keeps the people moving.