Feature: Method Behind The Madness Of Paintsil At Amakhosi

Published on: 26 July 2016

Many supporters were in unparalleled distress when the announcement came that John Paintsil would be Kaizer Chiefs boss Steve Komphela's assistant coach for the upcoming season, largely due to his inexperience in the role. Today, we bring you a supporters debate about why it may just work.

Paintsil has zero coaching experience. He also has no previous ties with Kaizer Chiefs. This is what makes this appointment uncharacteristic, as explained by the following supporter:

"Every player needs a mentor who has played for that particular club, been successful and won trophies. Zidane is a good example. Throughout their successful and colourful, proud history, Kaizer Chiefs have always had former players as assistants. It's the club's richest culture, whereby their legends who understand the culture very well are brought in to guide the current crop of players on how to handle pressure and be successful at Chiefs." – Linguini

While this will make sense to most in the footballing fraternity, another one of our supporters has come out in defence of the move by management, and he believes thee may just be some method to the madness...

"For me, it is people without credentials, experience or popularity who work the hardest because they know they must prove their worth. They never sleep and always give it their all. They always know they've got critics on their backs. It is for this reason I believe John-P and SK will deliver. Even the players they have at their disposal have a huge burden on their shoulders. In short, Chiefs have become the underdogs in every game we play. I do believe in all the guys, more especially the new additions. We must just believe in them, support them and rally behind them. The old players, with an exception of only a few, must play off the bench." – SeaGate4