FEATURE: The Show, the Passion, the Adrenaline - Welcome to Cameroon!

Published on: 31 January 2021

Cameroon has not organized a major African competition since 1972. The Land of Milla, Eto’o, MBoma and many other football stars reflects the footballing culture of its people.

The Total CHAN, Cameroon 2020 show also takes place in the stands. When the public atmosphere in a game is at its peak, players can have a little extra soul compared to their opponents.

Performing in front of a packed stadium or in front of a partial audience due to COVID-19, singing in unison in support of your team, allows players to feel driven to success.

Compilation of some of the hottest supporters of this edition of the African Nations Championship which has been played since January 16th, 2021 in Cameroon.


In Limbe, Guinea has one of the best organized fan groups in this CHAN. A community of supporters that greatly exceeds expectations in this period of the partial return of the public to the stadiums.


Whether in Yaoundé or Douala, Mali has multiple groups of supporters across Cameroon. These groups are very influential at the stadium during the Eagles matches. As for the rest of the competition, Malian players can count on the unwavering support of their fans, who are always quick to push.


For their first CHAN experience, Togo put their foot down in their three games by landing at the stadium where the fervor is somewhat more stirring than in the country of supporters to push the Hawks high to success.


The passion that emanates from the spans of the Reunification Stadium in Douala during the Atlas Lions matches is enough to give any football fan the chills. Moroccan supporters came to attend the competition alongside Moroccans residing in Cameroon were always behind the Atlas Lions with one goal: retain the title.


Host country of Total CHAN 2020, the songs to the glory of the Indomitable Lions are repeated highly by the supporters who wave their green, red and yellow flags. CHAN hymn "We are all champions" by Jane Mary Ihims, adored by Cameroonians continues to mark many people passionate about football. From start to finish, Lions fans never let go of their favorite players.

DR Congo

In Cameroon, it is also the supporters of the DR Congo who impress much. In a highly charged atmosphere, these supporters fear no team.

Source: cafonline.com