Former Hearts of Oak coach Kosta Papic refuses to comment on allegations of favouritism

Published on: 23 February 2021

Ex-Hearts of Oak coach Kosta Papic has refused to comment on the allegations levelled up against him by the club's top hierarchy.  

The 60-year-old parted ways with the Phobians after just two months, citing among other reasons, interference by certain board members.

Coach Papic was accused of favouritism by Board member Dr Nyaho Tamakloe and team captain Fatawu Mohammed.

Responding to the allegations levelled up against him, the Serbian coach said, "I'm not going to criticise anybody. To respond to that, I'm just going to move on. Yah, I'm going to take it like that," .

"I don't want to respond to anybody because the things that have happened between the club, the players and me, are supposed to remain in the club. Not in public. We agreed to resign because of that issue of what I said.

"I submitted my resignation, they accepted my resignation and they make me free. I'm not going to respond to what the press say because nobody actually got an interview from me [about the accusations] except you now."

He added, "It's Black Leopards who approached me, I don't know whether they had seen in the websites or something that there was some small problem in Ghana."

"They asked me, 'Do you want to come back?' I said yes and then we started to talk about that, and we waited for everything to happen in Ghana, and when that happened, I came back, told

He is currently the technical director of Black Leopard.