GFA did not demand for $12 million from gov’t for re-branding and development – Henry Asante Twum

Published on: 26 May 2020

Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has downplayed assertions that, the association is demanding for a staggering $12 million from the government for "re-branding and development" after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier report in the local media suggested that, the nation’s football governing body has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Youth and Sports requesting for $12 million for " re-branding and development" of local football post Coronavirus.

But Henry Asante Twum in an interview has debunked such reports, saying that the proposals sent to government was purely on tax exemptions, clearance of goods, VAT at gates and money paid at port when the FA import materials.

“In fact, the proposals sent to the government was not just on the money we needed for the clubs but rather, it was on tax exemptions. We wanted government to do something about VAT at gates and also on clearance of goods”

“That $12 million is a dead news because that was in the first proposals we sent to the government back in December and at the time it was purely on re-branding, it had nothing to do with what we are talking about today”

“This time is Convid-19 and so why will we be talking about re-branding around this time. It is not true” he said.