GFA Extra Ordinary Congress to come off on September 5

Published on: 13 August 2019

The Normalization Committee of the Ghana Football Association has rescheduled the Extra-Ordinary Congress which was set for August 19 to September 5.

The rescheduling of the date, according to the Normalisation Committee would clear any ambiguity with regards to the required number of days prescribed by their Statute for the Congress to be held.

A statement issued by the Communications department of the local football governing body said it was to comply with the “relevant provisions of the Statute of the GFA without ambiguity”.

“The rescheduling clears any ambiguity over interpretation of relevant provisions of the GFA Statutes by stakeholders, regarding the number of days required for Extra-Ordinary Congress as well as the agenda for the Extraordinary Congress as earlier communicated”, the statement said.

According to the country's football governing body, the postponement was also to make time for a representative from FIFA to be part of the Congress.

“The rescheduling also offers us the unique opportunity of welcoming to Ghana a FIFA representative as a special guest for this historic Congress”, the statement said.