GFA should appoint technical director who can interpret data - Dr. Patrick Ofori

Published on: 01 August 2020

Dr. Patrick Ofori, former Asante Kotoko psychologist has urged the Ghana Football Association to appoint a technical director who can organize seminars and also interpret data.

Speaking on local radio station LIGHT FM he said

'The role of a technical director transcends beyond just coaching but someone who can interpret physiological data and even the nutritional data,"

"I prefer the person to be organizing seminars at the end of the first and second round, I expect the person to be moving weekly to visit all academies, division one teams and the regional level like what the German and English technical director does as to the kind of football style the country is glued to,"

"Moreover, it shouldn't be only one person like what Oti Akenteng was doing. It requires certain key personnel so we should adhere to it," he concluded.