GFA should pay ex-national team trainers- Malik Jabir

Published on: 23 July 2020

Malik Jabir, the former U23 national team coach has revealed that the Ghana Football Association owes the technical staff who worked for the national team but have ignored them after getting the COVID-19 relief fund.

The GFA received a total of $1.8 million from FIFA and CAF to help stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. The money was allocated to several stakeholders.

Jabir however, noted that he and his colleagues were excluded from the allocation and are yet to receive their money.

“Why is it that they shared the money all through but they never thought about the liabilities they came to meet like the monies owed the U-23 national team under me?" he quizzed

“They owe us; they know they owe us. Our match bonuses and salaries should be paid. Now, money has come, they are sharing because that is their interest and they don’t think about us,” Malik told Luv Sports.

“When I call, they see my number but won’t pick up…he’s never answered my call. I just want to remind them that they shouldn’t only think about the current."

“If you owe us and you think we should forgo it, I don’t think that is right. That’s why I have come out to tell them that, as long as they now have money and they don’t pay us, we are here still waiting, and we are not going to forgive them,” he said.