GFA stakeholders meeting should be held quarterly - Bechem United president

Published on: 06 September 2020

Bechem United president Kingsley Owusu Achiaw has urged the various stakeholders in Ghana football, the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA), Referees, and the media to meet quarterly to deliberate on issues concerning Ghana football.

He believes that through this, the media could help promote the brand and image of the game.

Achiaw also acknowledged that there should be more transparency at the GFA to help secure sponsorship.

"In my view, quarterly the GFA, GHALCA, referees and the media should appoint three people from each group so they can meet and discuss issues affecting the game as well as measures to promote it," he told Happy FM.

"Through this, the media especially can send a good message to the public to also promote the brand and image of Ghana football. When it happens this way it will help in securing sponsorship for the GFA.

"The FA should try and make it audited accounts available every quarterly to the public so those who invest their money in the game will have some hope.

“Football is a very big business and we have a lot of prominent people doing football and we should hold the game in high esteem”, he added.