Ghana Premier League is sponsorless because of match-fixing - Medeama Board Chairman

Published on: 19 October 2016
Ghana Premier League is sponsorless because of match-fixing - Medeama Board Chairman
Dr Tony Aubynn

Dr Tony Aubynn, the CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Mines says the Premier League is without a headline sponsor because of the perception that its matches are fixed.

The league has been unable to attract a headline sponsor since First Capital Plus Bank (now Capital Bank) suspended a five-year contract indefinitely ahead of the start of the just-ended 2016-16 season.

The bank signed a five-year-deal with the Ghana Football Association in January 2014, worth $10 million in total and $2 million annually, but they halted the deal as part of "restructuring" of the company.

According to Dr Aubynn, the GFA and all stakeholders must do more to shake-off such negative perceptions which prevent brands from associating with the Ghana Premier League.

"The perception that, and I don't know whether its true but the perception that football is played inside the room rather than the pitch," Dr Aubyn who is credited with brokering Ghana’s first major corporate sponsorship of sports - a $6.4million six-year contract for the senior national soccer team, the Black Stars told the Graphic Sports in an interview on Monday in Accra.

"If that were true then it will make sponsorship unattractive because if I were a sponsor my team will play very well but because there had been some engagements outside the pitch another team wins.

"It will be a disaster because any team that sponsors will want to have its brand related to success but i shudder to think that this is the story but if it is not the story we should remove that perception."

He said the dearth of sponsors for the entire league and individual clubs has also resulted in the mass exodus of players to foreign leagues at the end of every season.

"It looks like because of these financial issues, our players are quick to leave the local league. So, at every point in time, every players target is to leave when they are not matured enough to leave sometimes."

He also added that media had a role to play in ensuring that the league was attractive to the corporate world buy portraying the league as an improving competition