Ghana U-23 Team escapes Plane crash on their way to Gabon for AFCON Second Leg

Published on: 25 March 2019



_Ghana’s U-23 side The Black Meteors have arrived safely in Gabon for the return leg of the U-23 AFCON qualifier but not without some scary moments after their flight failed to land in Gabon on arrival.

With a contingent of 33, Ghana would have been thrown into a state of national mourning after the Askyy Airline on which the team was travelling could not land due to bad weather.

The flight kept hovering over the airport in Gabon for two hours but could not land.

Following the scary moment, the pilot was forced to move to Cameroon for a safe landing while waiting for a message from Gabon before returning.

The contingent spent an extra hour at the airport in Duoala before finally returning to Gabon where they were able to land safely in their second attempt.