Ghanaian youngster Dwomoh called by Belgium U18

Published on: 06 October 2021

Michel-Ange Balikwisha will eventually descend to the national U21 of Belgium. Antwerp preferred not to leave the left winger, only back from injury.

After due deliberation between the Great Old and the national team, it has been decided that he can go, but he will be closely monitored and watch out for overload. The Boy Devils play European Championship qualifiers against Kazakhstan and Denmark.

On Monday Balikwisha was able to train with the substitutes at the Bosuil. Engels, Vines and Yusuf were also there. Vines, who was out with a shoulder injury, still shuns the duels. Wait and see how those three, who were out for several weeks, will evolve in the coming week. Today the players are free.

Pierre Dwomoh, who was selected for the Belgian U18, has stayed with Antwerp.