Gladson Awako’s contract with Hearts of Oak not terminated – player’s management clarify

Published on: 05 October 2021

The management of Gladson Awako has clarified that the players is still with Hearts of Oak.

Earlier today, Great Olympics general manager Oluboi Commodore claimed that Awako is no longer a player of Hearts of Oak.

He argued that the club failed to meet the deadline for the payment of the second part of the transfer.

This he claimed automatically makes the contract with Hearts of Oak null and void.

However, speaking to Ashh FM this afternoon, Yussif Chibsah who is with Club Consult, the firm that manages Gladson Awako says the player is still with Hearts of Oak.

“Awako is still Hearts of Oak player and he will soon stand training with the club. Latest by next week ending he join them.

“He is not a free Player rather a player of Hearts oak. His contract with the club is still valid unless either the club (Hearts of Oak SC) or the player (Gladson Awako) triggers in a contract termination which will have either party receive compensation,” Chibsah said.

The player agent added, “Oluboi Commodore was talking about a contract the club has with Hearts of Oak SC of but there are procedures to claim your debt.

“However, that can’t nulify the contract with Hearts of Oak. The only parties that can terminate the contract is only Hearts of Oak and Gladson Awako and not Great Olympics.”