Goal of the month: Daniel Kyereh's Heidenheim goal was so convincing

Published on: 22 February 2021

At 4-3 in Heidenheim, Daniel-Kofi Kyereh swung himself up to become one of the St. Pauli heroes of the game with a directly converted free kick.

This was not only well received in the area around the Kiezkicker. The editorial team of the ARD “Sportschau” also found Kyereh's goal great and put it up for election at “Goal of the Month”.

On Saturday evening, the ARD announced the results of the vote: St. Pauli player Daniel-Kofi Kyereh made it to third place, so he won the virtual bronze medal. The clear winner with over 45 percent of the vote: Leverkusen's Nadiem Amiri, who defeated Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp on January 2 with a back heel trick.