Griezmann: It\'s either Man Utd or Atletico Madrid

Published on: 24 May 2017

Atletico Madrid ace Antoine Griezmann won't rule out staying next season.

Griezmann has talked up a move to Manchester United, but insists he could yet stay - and admits Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette could join him in Madrid.

He told TMC: "Other clubs than Manchester United? Yes, Atlético Madrid. 7 chances out of 10. I do not know yet. It will depend on whether Atlético can recruit.

"If Lacazette arrived? No I do not think if he will come or not will make me leave or stay.

"I do not want to have David Beckham's career, I want to have mine. But if it happens that I end up at MLS, why not finish there under him (with Miami)."