Guests Stunned as a 'S***-Faced' Wayne Rooney Gatecrashes Wedding After Scotland Win

Published on: 14 November 2016

Wayne Rooney simply cannot catch a break at the moment.

Formerly the poster boy for all of English football, Rooney's performances over the past few years have come in for increasing criticism, and this season has seen the Manchester United forward dropped to the benchby both club and country.

Rooney also had to withdraw from England's squad for Tuesday's match against Spain thanks to a minor knee injury, and as if all of that wasn't bad enough, he was pictured at a wedding reception the night after England's win over Scotland,where guests proclaimed the 31-year-old "was not a pretty sight", according toThe Sun.

'Sh** faced' Wayne Rooney shocks guests as he crashes wedding

A source at The Grove hotel in Watford said: Wayne was in the bar with members of the FA, drinking beer and red wine.

He seemed to want to be recognised, in his England shirt.

His speech was slurred, his lips were red with wine and his eyes were red.

At midnight he was asked if he would come and say hello to guests at a private wedding party."

Rooney, who played in England's 3-0 win over Scotland on Friday, was reportedly spotted drinking with fellow teammates Phil Jagielka, Raheem Sterling and John Stones, with the players having been given time off after the win before returning to training on Sunday.

He posed for photos, chatted with the bride and had plenty more to drink," the source continued.

I can only conclude he was celebrating the win against Scotland.

He was really s***-faced.

He was not a pretty sight by the time he left around 1am.�

Let's all hope Wayne's hangover wasn't too bad come Sunday morning.