Hearts of Oak administrative manager opens up on reasons behind crest change

Published on: 22 August 2018

The Administrative Manager of Accra Hearts of Oak, Hackman Aidoo has disclosed that his outfit will be unveiling a new crest in the coming days to attract investment.

According to him, they consulted some opinion leaders of the club before arriving at the decision and hopes the change will help boost the marketing aspect of the club.

"In the business market there are certain things that catches the eyes of investors so our managing director feels we can modernize it like Arsenal and others did sometime past which improved their image not because the current one is bad," Aidoo told Oyerepa FM.

"Nothing in the current crest will be missing but we are only adding and deleting some colours, modernising it to make it look outstanding."

"The NCC leaders and some key supporters were invited for their input and the board have gone through and it's going through processes before we choose a final one."

Hackman was asked to clarify the reports making rounds that the crest change will cost the club $20,000, he said, "It's not true it will cost $20,000 it's not costing us even one-fourth of the $20,000."