Historic US Cities

Published on: 15 November 2019
Historic US Cities
American houses in Washington

Historic US Cities


Washington, DC

Crossed by wide avenues, devoid of skyscrapers, Washington is a little smooth at first glance. Administration and politics form the main industry.

The scenario little resembles the most important political, economic and military center in the world. Washington, DC . it had everything to be a bureaucratic capital. It could be limited to the role of city of power and live only the thrill of the signatures of big deals. However, the capital of the United States went far beyond and conquered tourists from all over the world.

The welcoming manner in which visitors are welcomed can topple even the most skeptical traveler. Difficult not to be enchanted by the huge offer of activities offered there. And, by the way, mostly overwhelming with free entry.

The country's capital is home to some 364,000 federal employees, 12,000 lobbyists and ... over 50,000 lawyers! Not to mention the highest concentration of journalists and spies in the world. The political sphere holds such a place that the election of a new president inevitably rubs off on the atmosphere of the city.

Why come to Washington? To take the pulse of America. To notice his excessiveness. Touch the fascinating places of this power that aims to impose the world's conception of democracy and freedom. And to visit the incredible collection of museums in the city that offer a complete vision of the country, its history and its fads.

The Americans are not mistaken. From schoolchildren to retirees, all come on a patriotic pilgrimage to Washington DC to travel through the Memorials > lined up over the Mall and beyond, and stare at steles reminiscent of the price paid by generations of citizens to bring Pax Americana to around the world.

Any opinion of the famous American dream , we can’t help but admire the unshakable faith that, from the fathers of the nation to the conquerors of the moon through the pioneers and emigres of the world, pushed millions of people to new territories to conquer and new technological challenges to take up


Savannah, Georgia

With a guaranteed presence on any list of America's most charming cities, Savannah lives up to fame with its historic center and diverse attractions, especially for those interested in architecture, cuisine and history!

With just over 100,000 residents, Savannah has earned a reputation for chic and sophisticated, with many stories to tell. According to the official guide, the city is known for its history, natural beauty, eclectic architecture and romantic atmosphere.

“Each square tells the story of generations with a modern twist of high-end boutiques, galleries and restaurants. The food, art and music, mixed with a warm and fun personality, makes visiting this city an unparalleled experience. ”

Savannah was once the capital of the state of Georgia and, due to its location, has always maintained the status of a major port city. With its central area entirely preserved for nearly 300 years since its founding, the city has one of the largest historic districts in the country.

Savannah became most famous around the world in the 1990s, when she hosted the Atlanta Olympics sailing trials and set the location for the film Forrest Gump. The scenes on the square bench where Forrest tells his story were recorded in Savannah and you can visit the square and see the bench in a city museum.


Saint Augustine, Florida

Meet Saint Augustine in the sunny state of Florida, considered the oldest city in the United States and full of cool tourist attractions. Founded by Spanish explorer Pedro Menendes de Aviles in 1565 and 86 km from Daytona Beach and 170 km from Orlando, Saint Augustine is a beautiful and historic city.

It has several buildings over 300 years old and is full of tourist attractions, distributed among its narrow streets, typical of the Spanish colonization era in the region. In addition, the city has a beautiful beach, Saint Augustine Beach. Here we will give some tips of interesting points to know in this beautiful city.

Two major sights of Saint Augustine are US landmarks: the Saint Augustine lighthouse and the fortress of Castillo de San Marcos (the oldest in the country). You can see inside both attractions on any given day, and tickets can be purchased at the venues.

Back in Old City, back in Saint Augustine centuries ago and enjoy its beautiful, lively historic buildings, such as Flagler College, an art college housed in the building of the world's most luxurious former hotel, the Ponce de Leon Hotel. There are also many other historic hotels in Saint Augustine. Be sure to stop by the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, one of the oldest schools in the United States.

The best way to get to know the city and get an overview is by the Old Trolley Bus , which works just like that red bus from tourist cities. You buy a pass that is worth up to three days and you can get off at any of the 23 stops of interest there in the historic center.

When you have a short time in a city or know very little about it, it's nice to take a full ride with the trolley / red bus to get an overview, and then choose which stops to get off to explore the longest.

Salt Lake City-UT

Salt Lake City is the most populous city and the capital city of Utah. For convenience, the region name is commonly abbreviated to SLC or Salt Lake. Salt Lake City is located in the Great Salt Lake region, from where the city name comes from, because Salt Lake, when translated into Portuguese, means Salt Lake.

The founding of Salt Lake City dates back to 1847, when Brigham Young, a prophet, led a pioneer Mormon settlement in an effort to escape the violence in the midwestern United States at that time. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is currently headquartered in SLC. According to a US government survey, 78 percent of the city's residents are Mormon, of which 60 percent are centralized in Utah.

In the year 2010, the nationwide census confirmed that Salt Lake City is the 126th largest city in the nation with 186,440 inhabitants. In the metropolitan region, there are 1,124,197 inhabitants, which makes the area the 196th largest metropolitan region in the world in terms of population density. Situated in a large urban region called Wasatch Front, it also has 2,238,697 inhabitants in this place.